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24" X 36 " Hardwood Frame, fine art giclée print with museum quality matte & acrylic: ready to hang.
Worldwide Shipping Included

Ever changing, the sun and its reflection on water; piercing through clouds, or just rising and setting has been at the forefront and intrigue of my photographic journey. My higher power is the SUN. This star greets me every day at awakening which is why often I am out and about before it rises – to watch the transformation from darkness to light – literally enlightening the day forward...tranquility is on the horizon, always.


I am constantly transcended into a different dimension as the beauty it evokes is never ending and consistently inconsistent. Sunrises at sea are simply mesmerizing and taught me patience. Well before and after the sun breaks above the horizon as it rises (or sets) is where the true magic lies. Sadly, the true beauty of the miracle is bypassed by those who just want an instant shot. The pre and post effects are where the real magic is captured. I’ve been out on deck in sub zero weather crossing the Atlantic in January to aggregate and garner some of these images. It really is about the journey. There are those who stare at me taking a photo right into the center of the sun. Just look at the top of the page and you’ll see why. The sun at sea is a moving, experiential, spiritual event; ever changing, always beautiful and never to be missed.



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